The Rutherford Winans Academy of the Performing Arts began in 1997 by Marvin L. Winans, the grammy-winning artist of the famed ‘Winans’ gospel group.  The school started with grades K-7 and 248 students and one grade was added every year until the school reached 7th grade.  The school emphasizes a commitment to excellence and Chancellor Winans is motivated to have each student achieve their highest goals.  

The mission of the Academy is to prepare students for academic and performing arts excellence and responsible citizenship.

Inside Our School

Rutherford Winans Academy provides a choice for communities,parents, students, and professionals to foster educational excellence in America.

Excellence in Our School through Global Instruction

Our Educational Model begins with our Global Design for Teaching and Learning (GDTL). The GDTL is a living document for a district wide curriculum, instruction and assessment model for academic accountability and achievement. The GDTL incorporates the context for supporting the continuous delivery and evaluation of effective processes for implementing curriculum  instruction, and assessments. The GDTL framework monitors compliance with local, state, and performance expectations.

Our students study the world through three main themes: Global issues, Global culture, and global connections. The purpose is for the global curriculum’s essential ideas to correlate with the daily lives of students. Through this practice students develop skills such as: issue analysis, problem solving  interpretation, reasoned persuasion, and research investigation. Students are encouraged daily to become actively involved at the local, state, and national lees by practicing their civic duty through relationships with our economic, social and political systems.

Student Assessment and Performance

The use of student assessment and performance data is vital to our educational model–a continuous improvement process that is not only used to improve student learning and achievement, but also to evaluate and inform instruction. A district wide School Needs Assessment Tool and various summative testing results will determine academic gaps within our academies and will be used to drive the continuous revisions necessary to align the curriculum with on-going changes in education.

Keeping Parents and Students Informed

Data is available to parents and students via school newsletters, parent teacher conferences and the school website. For individual student growth information parents receive progress reports and report cards. Parents are welcome to set up meetings with teachers if more guidance is needed.

“I believe that our children are limited by their lack of exposure. Creating educational opportunities and career choices gives them greater avenues for success.”
– Pastor Marvin L. Winans